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Scape-XP.com is dedicated to being the best resource for providing RuneScape players with a variety of tools to make their gameplay more efficient and enjoyable. We've been online since 2007 and since then growing steadily with the recent year averaging over 200,000 visitors a month.

Our RuneScape Fansite offers many RuneScape Calculators and other RuneScape Tools with the most popular of them being our High Alchemy Calculator, and our max hit calculators: Ranged Max Hit, Melee Max Hit, Magic Max Hit. We have also been tracking the popularity of Runescape by keeping track of the number of players online since last year.

This RuneScape Fansite, however, is not about providing skill guides, quest guides, or anything of such since a few major fansites already do that and they do it really well. A great deal of up-to-date information about everything in RuneScape can be found at The RuneScape Wiki