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Runescape Skill Calculators

Runescape Skill Calculators allow players to plan and determine the amount of experience or the number of actions they need to obtain before advancing to the desired target level in any given skill.

Each one of our skill calculators uses the latest market price data values for each item that is relevant with that particular skill. That is especially helpful because you don't have to use Grand Exchange to research all of the items, our skill calculators already have most up-to-date prices on all of them. Such information can then be used in finding the most profitable or the least expensive way of training a particular skill. More details about specific skill calculator can be found on its individual page.

The calculator table below lists all of our skill calculators that are currently available. When username is entered, the script will parse your latest stats from Runescape Highscores and will calculate and display the experience needed along with a progress bar to the next level for each skill listed on our skill calculator table.

Username Stats Lookup
Skill Calculator Current Level EXP left Progress
Agility - - -
Cooking - - -
Firemaking - - -
Fishing - - -
Fletching - - -
Herblore - - -
Mining - - -
Prayer - - -
Runecraft - - -
Smithing - - -
Thieving - - -
Woodcutting - - -