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Superheat Item Calculator

Superheat Item is non-combat magic spell available to both members and non-members that is used to smelt ore without a furnace. Superheat Item is an efficient and profitable way to train magic and smithing. This special calculator will help you plan the most efficient way to train those skills and make the most money using superheat item spell.

Superheat Item vs High Alchemy

Although Superheat Item is popular among miners and smithers it is also sometimes used to train magic. When compared to High Alchemy spell, Superheat Item grants you 53 magic experience (regardless of what you're smelting) which is slightly less than high alchemy's 65 magic experience. Although you receive less magic experience per cast, superheat item spell is almost three times faster than high alchemy at 1.2 seconds per cast versus 3 seconds with high alchemy. Despite all those advantages, Superheat Item spell has an extreme disadvantage of not being able to be cast on noted items.

This Superheat Item Calculator does not factor in the price of Fire Runes as you should just use the Staff of Fire to avoid extra costs. Level requirement only applies to smithing skill as you need the same smithing level to superheat an ore as you would if you were to smelt it in a furnace.

Superheat Item Variables Price of a Nature Rune:
Level Items needed Magic Exp Smithing Exp Final Product Profit
1 1 x Copper Ore
1 x Tin Ore
1 x Nature Rune
53 6.2 Bronze Bar
15 1 x Iron Ore
1 x Nature Rune
53 12.5 Iron Bar
20 1 x Silver Ore
1 x Nature Rune
53 13.67 Silver Bar
30 2 x Coal Ore
1 x Iron Ore
1 x Nature Rune
53 17.5 Steel Bar
40 1 x Gold Ore
1 x Nature Rune
53 22.5 Gold Bar
50 1 x Mithril Ore
4 x Coal Ore
1 x Nature Rune
53 30 Mithril Bar
70 1 x Adamantite Ore
6 x Coal Ore
1 x Nature Rune
53 37.5 Adamantite Bar
85 1 x Runite Ore
8 x Coal Ore
1 x Nature Rune
53 50 Runite Bar