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Runescape World Map and Coordinate Locator

Runescape World Map provided on this page may be more convenient to use than the map provided in game because it requires you to open another interface and stopping what you were doing at that moment. In some cases, you may not be able to open the map such as when you're in combat or in a dangerous location such as wilderness. You may also use this online world map to research possible routes to your destination or plan the most efficient trips in between locations.

This Runescape World Map is exactly the same as the map that's provided in the game and also in the Downloads and Wallpapers section of the official Runescape site. For underground locations such as dungeons, you will have to use the official world map because our map is currently implemented in a way that only shows the surface world.

Treasure Trails Coordinates - this map provides a coordinate locator which is useful in finding the exact location of where a treasure is buried. To use this feature you must enter your coordinates in the following format:

1 18 south 14 15 east
which would correspond to
01 degrees 18 minutes south,
14 degrees 15 minutes east

00 degrees, 00 minutes north
00 degrees, 00 minutes east

ESC to exit full screen